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Air Abrasion Dentistry

Air Abrasion is a relatively new technology intended to replace the dentist's drill and the need for anesthesia in certain procedures. This can make restoring a cavity much less of an ordeal for young patients and people who dread noisy drill and the sting of injections.

In the procedure, a small, precisely controlled stream of compressed air is blended with a super-fine abrasive powder and is gently propelled toward the tooth with a special handpiece to remove decay. The decay is then "vacuumed" away through suction. Finally, your dentist will fill the cavity with a nearly invisible non-mercury filling, making the entire tooth strong. Sometimes called " micro dentistry" or minimally invasive dentistry (MID), air abrasion enables your dentist to remove very small areas of decay while conserving healthy tooth structure.

Benefits of Air Abrasion

  • Eliminates the need for drilling an injections
  • Noiseless, odorless
  • Reduces or eliminates vibration, heat, and pressure
  • Enables treatment of decay at earlier stages because less tooth structure is removed
  • Requires less time in the dentist's chair than conventional drilling
  • Enables your dentist to remove very small areas of decay
  • Allows use of smaller fillings than conventional drilling
  • Less invasive
Pain-free Alternative

By Controlling the speed and intensity of the powder and compressed air, your dentist can make the procedure virtually pain-free. In most cases, and injection will not be needed so you won't have to wait for the numbness to wear off once your procedure is complete.

Uses of Air Abrasion

In addition to removing tooth decay, air abrasion can be used for:
  • Preparing for cosmetic dentistry
  • Removing stains and spots
  • Repairing old composite fillings and sealants
  • Repairing broken crowns and bridges
Benefits for Children

Air abrasion is ideal for children. Most cavities that are detected early can be treated without a drill or injection in a single appointment. Most children will not even be aware of what the dentist is doing during the procedure

Air Abrasion Safety

Air abrasion uses small abrasive particles of aluminum oxide, and ingredient found in toothpaste and medicines. These particles are applied at high pressure in small quantities and are then removed with a vacuum system.

Crowns, bridges, replacement of old silver fillings, and large, deep cavities will still require the use of a drill, and more than likely an injection. Most dental professionals view air abrasion as an alternative to, not a replacement for the conventional drill. Ask you dentist or the hygienist if air abrasion is right for you.